Here at Houck Horse Company, We have all types of horses including; Trail Riding,
Team Sorting/Penning, Barrel Racing, Roping, Good Family Horses, and  Prospects! We Buy, Sell & Trade.


Real Grit Award Winners
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2014 Houck Horse Company Results

September 6th Benefit Show Results

September 7th Benefit Show Results


2013 Houck Horse Company Results



September 14th Jackpot Results

September 14th WSCA Results

September 8th HHC Finals Results

September 7th Benefit Barrel Show Results

August 14th WSCA Results

August 11th Jackpot Results

August 11th Fun Show Results

August 10th HHC Results

July 31st WSCA Show Results

July 28th Fun Show Results

July 21st Jackpot Results

July 21st Show Results

July 14th Fun Show Jackpot Results

July 14th Fun Show Results

June 16th HHC Results

June 15th HHC Results

May 27th Fun Show Jackpot

May 27th Fun Show

Mother's Day Show

May 4th Jackpot

May 4th WSCA Horse Show

April 28th Fun Show

2012 Houck Horse Company Results


September 29th Fun Show

September 15th WSCA Show

September 9th HHC Results

September 8th HHC Benefit Results

September 4th Fun Show

August 26th Fun Show

August 12th NBHA Results

August 11th HHC Results

August 5th Fun Show

July 29th HHC Results

July 28th HHC Results

July 15th Fun Show

July 1st HHC Results

June 30th HHC Results

June 24th Fun Show

May 19th HHC Results

May 13th Fun Show

May 5th Fun Show

April 22nd Fun Show

April 7th Fun Show

April 1st Fun Show

March 25th Fun Show

2011 Houck Horse Company Results

Kayla Erickson 2011 Houck Horse Company Cancer Benefit Target Time Champion

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9/11 HHC Cancer Benefit Finals Results

9/10 HHC Cancer Benefit Finals Results

8/28 Fun Show Results

8/21 Fun Show Results

8/14 HHC Results

7/31 HHC Results

7/16 Fun Show Results

6/26 HHC Results

6/25 Tracy Alger Benefit & Houck Series Results

6/12 Fun Show Results

6/5 HHC Results

5/30 Fun Show Results

5/23 HHC Results

5/8 Fun Show Results

4/23 Fun Show Results

4/17 Fun Show Results

4/10 Fun Show Results

2010 Houck Horse Company Results

2010 Barrel Racing Series Buckles

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9/19 WSCA Results

9/12 HHC Results

9/11 HHC Results

September 5th Fun Show Results

9/4 HHC Results

8/29 HHC Results

Aug 28th Fun Show Results

Aug 22nd Fun Show Results
Congratulations to Anna Harring & Moose Peewee High Point
Brianna Berthiaume & Grace Senior High Point
Thank you for purchasing your horses from Houck Horse Company!!!

8/1 HHC Results

7/18 HHC Results

July 11th Fun Show Results

June 13th Fun Show Results

6/6 HHC Results

June 5th Fun Show Results

May 23 Fun Show Results

5/16 HHC Results

May 9th Fun Show Results

May 2nd Fun Show
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4/25 HHC Results
Congratulations Sarah Solheid and Chance winning the Open at the
First Houck Horse Company Barrel Racing Series;
Chance was purchased from Houck Horse Company!
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April 18th Fun Show
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April 11th Fun Show

High Points:
PeeWee: Lauren Kinser & Lita
Junior: Ana Purtle & Sassy
Inter: Ellie Mantuefel & Fancy
Senior: Tommi Beaver & Baby Boy

April 3rd Fun Show Results
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PeeWee High Point: Mikey James & Lena
Junior High Point: Cheyenne Ford & CoCo (Horse Purchased From Houck Horse Company)
Intermediate High Point:  Jenna Folkedahl & Villellas Shady Lady
Senior High Point: Penny Reimann & Paige



Champions: Pat Eagan & Krishawn Kaibel

Res Champions: Pat Eagan & Nick Block
3rd Place: Pat Eagan & Dan Aho
4th Place: Pat Eagan & Jerry Pinx

2009 Houck Horse Company Results

10/17 Results

2009 Houck Series Final Standings

9/13 Finals Results
9/12 Finals Results

8/30 Results
8/2 Results
7/19 Results
6/7 Results
5/25 Results

5/17 Results

2009 Houck Series Champions

Novice Horse Champions

PeeWee Champions

Target Time Champions

Senior Champions

Youth Champions

Open Champions

Houck Horse Company Champions
(Horses Purchased From Houck's)

Novice Rider Champions


April 5 Fun Show Results
4-5-09 High Point Champions
PeeWee~Joey James & Diamond
Junior~Zoey Dittman & Doodles (Horse Purchased from Houck Horse Company)
Inter~Alysse Dittman & Charlie
Senior~Jim Strike & Dancer

April 19 Fun Show Results

4-19-09 High Point Champions
PeeWee~Carly Jensen
Junior~Jordan Olson & Flicka (Horse Purchased from Houck Horse Company)
Inter~Shawna Harren & Prissie
Senior~Sondra Hoffman

May 3 Fun Show Results

June 6 Fun Show Results

July 5 Fun Show Results

July 18th Fun Show Results
July 18th High Point champions
PeeWee Samantha & Dixie (horse purchased from Houck Horse Company)
Junior: Rachel Nordstrom & Woody (horse purchased from Houck Horse Company)
Inter: Maddie Newman & Splash
Senior: Jessica Stromgen & Magic

August 29th Fun Show Results

September 5th Fun Show Results

September 20th Fun Show Results
High Point Champions:

PeeWee: Cheyanne Ford & CoCo (Purchased From Houck Horse Company)
Junior: Josie Montague & Deacon (Purchased From Houck Horse Company)
Inter: Cassie Carlson & Jags (Purchased From Houck Horse Company)
Senior: Stacy Nelson & Magic

October 18th Fun Show Results

October 31st Fun Show Results

November 15th Fun Show Results

Coming from North Branch:
35 to North Branch exit (95).
Take a left off the Exit (heading west) to Cty Rd 5. Turn Left onto Cty Rd 5. Go 4 miles,
house on the right hand side of the road.

Coming from Isanti:
Hwy 65 turn right on Cty Rd 5 go 8 miles,
house on left hand side of the road.

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