Here at Houck Horse Company, We have all types of horses including; Trail Riding,
Team Sorting/Penning, Barrel Racing, Roping, Good Family Horses, and  Prospects! We Buy, Sell & Trade.

SALE HIGHLIGHTS!!! Success stories from auction buyers

Eyes Okey Dokey:2010 AQHA Mare
Okey Dokey Dale x Eyes Trickey Too (Mr Eye Opener)

We purchased Miley from HHC last spring. She won over $9K on the track as a 2 year old. Didn't make the cut at the trainer's to go on to Fort Smith so was sold...had been well cared for her entire life. Great foundation and lots of miles on trails and some cattle work. She had a great start and just needed to get out and show off her talents....and she has blown us away! We started out slow wanting to keep her sane and August was 8th in the 1D out of 80, in October she set an arena record, placed 8th in the 1D at the Go For Broke Show Down Finals, and finished off the month running the fastest time 2 out of 3 days at the SD Heartland Futurity & Maturity in Huron, SD. In November she entered her 1st rodeo and pulled a check. Houck's always have a GREAT selection of horses. We have always walked away very happy with our purchases and will certainly be back!

Here is a link to a page I created for her:

We have sold the other 4 horses we bought at the spring sale. They were all nice horses too. 

Itty Bitty Panther -

Second Kid Too -

LD Marys Perks Rush -

Budds Roarin Wildfire -

Pete & Jill, I just wanted to let you know I am very happy with Jet!! Best horse I have ever bought! Thanks so much!! I'll be coming back every year to your horse sale for horses!! I absolutely loved your auction and I won't go to any other! Shanna Teigen Osseo, WI

Pete & Jill, I am writing to thank you for helping me to pair my kids with the perfect first pony. Two years ago, I came to you looking for a pony for my 4 year-old daughter, Wendy. You had several well trained ponies in a wide range of sizes. Jill recommended "Peanut" for my daughters skill level. I trusted Jill's knowledge and ability to pair riders with horses and bought Peanut on the spot. It was the best money I have ever spent. Peanut was the perfect size for my children. They were able to groom, lead, and ride him with confidence. Today, my daughter has started to ride Peanut on her own. Going out to see Peanut is one of our favorite activities. He is truly a member of our family. Peanut is now regularly used in the CourageKenny Riders handicap riding program, where he's a favorite due to his small stature. When it is time for Wendy to move on from Peanut, I will go back to Jill and Pete for our next mount. It is the best money I've ever spent. The picture and video below are all I need to prove this is true.

Molly, Wendy, & Larry Rydeen

We have two horses from Pete, Jill, Lana and Clayton. We have bought and had to sell all our horses that were not bought from Houcks. The two we have from them are stunning!

Darrell and Amy Kress Arizona

I saw Snickers being advertised on face book and I thought that would be the perfect pony for our family so I inquired about him. Jill told me they were located in Minnesota, I told her that was too far as we live in CA, Jill said if I was interested they could transport him to Wyoming or Montana. I called and talked to Pete a few times asking all the questions I could think of. I just felt in my heart that Pete was very honest about the pony. Pete called me on auction day and we were the highest bidder. I was so excited a new addition to our farm. We drove to Douglas Wyoming and met with Pete, Jill & Lana. What a wonderful family. Snickers handled the trip great, we stopped at a few rodeo grounds so he could rest and walk around. Snickers made the trip from Minnesota to California just fine. He is everything that Pete and Jill told me. We are so happy with Snickers he is the perfect pony for us. If we ever need another horse I would call Pete & Jill first.

Allen & Sandy Lagarbo Modesto, California

At the Houck horse sale in May 2014, we bought these two horse now 5 year old Luna and 10 year old Sunny.  My kids and I absolutely loved trail riding with them last Summer and Fall and are looking to start gaming them this Summer. They are both very easy going and patient with all three of my kids. We are very blessed to have been at the auction and get these two beauties!! If your looking for a horse you should be at the up coming auction.  

Anna Pribyl & Girls

Oreo has gave me the confidants I was lacking from other experiences. He has taught men lessons may have not wanted to learn. He does anything I ask of him from barrel racing to relaxing on trails, but above all he is my bestfriend."
Morgan Gapinski

Hi Jill and Pete.  My dad Bob asked that I send in a picture of Mega with my daughter Maddy.  We have enjoyed Mega very much.  He has awesome speed and works cattle great.  Maddy just went to our local horse banquet and received Hi-Point Champion awards with Mega.  Thanks again for all your help.  We are very satisfied with the purchase of Mega.
Julie Olson

Having never been to a horse sale before, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I had my copy of the catalogue, and had marked a few of my top choices to keep an eye on that day. Being able to watch them be ridden outside prior to the sale helped narrow it down further.

I'm happy to say I was lucky enough to be able to bring one of my top choices home. She has been everything that Jill and Pete said she would be, and they were great with helping get the proper paperwork in order to be able to bring her home across the border.

Izzy has turned out to be a great all around horse for us - she has done miles of trails, went to a local show, helped a rider with confidence, and even went to a ranch rodeo where I roped my first cow ever with her!

Overall, I was very pleased with the entire experience, and the quality of horses they had - I am definitely looking forward to seeing what they have at this year's sale!

Jenn Hanirich  Ontario, Canada 

Bought a grade Quarter horse/pony from HHC & was super nervous! Got him for my 8yo to rope on & have never bought a horse from a sale, especially one clear across the country. Got a very high recommendation from a friend of mine re: HHC, so felt comfortable, especially after talking to Pete several times. Would highly, highly recommend them & their horses.

Courtney Ellingsworth-Scott Pleasant Hill, Oregon

I’ll be honest. Last year at the spring sale, I wasn't sure what our family would do with yet another horse but Izzi has become our go to horse. Emily has used her for riding lesson and Shawn has used her for trail riding. Last fall when Lacey came up lame, we took Izzi to the NBHA State Finals. This was her first time running anywhere and handled it like a pro. Both McKenzie I and won prizes with her. Her calm, level headed attitude makes her an easy horse have. I look forward to running barrels on her this year and the girls are eyeing her up as their rope horse.

Thank you for another great horse.
The Rafftery Family

We bought Rocky on the 7th annual Houck horse company sale. He is everything and more then we were expecting him to be! He is so great for me to ride, but most of the time my 10 year old niece Raemie rides him. He does all games,  barrels,  ropes, gathers cattle.  He is just the horse we were needing. Thank you Houck Horse Company! We are very thankful to have Rocky living on our farm!

Sincerely the Hoffelts, and Raemie Hammac

I bought a nice youth horse at the last sale for my grandsons. Both had shown only a little interest in riding until we brought home Charm! Both boys love to ride her and spent a better part of the summer on her back. I might have to get another one so they can both ride, and I know just the place to go, Houck Horse Co.

Greg Hewitt, Shell Lake WI

"Stella" sold at our 3rd Annual Houck Horse Company Spring Sale congrats to Savannah with all her wins and her BIG wins at 4H State Show! Horse consigned by Tommi Beaver.

Hi Jill,
Wanted to give you an update on Junior, the 10 year old gelding we bought at your spring sale last year. I had just sold our pony because after 1 year the kids weren’t clicking with him and I was doing most of the riding. Since we are limited to being a one horse family I bought Junior thinking he would be just for me. I am happy and sad to report that I never get... to ride him He’s been phenomenal at building the kid’s confidence. They have learned to canter with him, have taken him to clinics, and enjoy trail riding and arena work with him. The kids are signed up for 4-H and looking forward to their first show season with Junior. He’s been an exceptional all around gelding and we are so happy to have him.
The Charnstroms

Betsy is doing very well here in her new home. She has been the perfect horse for us. We are in our mid 50's and do a lot of trail riding and weekend camping, while our twenty something daughters do barrel racing. Betsy is living in a herd of 7: geldings, mares, young, and old. She gets along well with all of them and is in the middle of the pecking order. She is healthy and being well... taken care of.
We purchased Betsy to be used as a trail horse for my husband, but I have ridden her plenty also. We have taken her to a variety of terrains and she handles even the most challenging ones like a champ. She likes playing in water crossings, so be careful unless you want to get wet! In the beginning there were some issues getting in and out of a slant load trailer, but with practice we were able to overcome that. She is easy to catch and stands well for farrier and vet.
Betsy has become a beloved member of our family.
Thank You!
The picture is of me riding Betsy at Wildcat.
Puchased at 2013 sale, consigned by Ken McNabb

Hi Pete & Jill,
We purchased Buddy and Boogie at the sale. Buddy ended up at my brother-in-laws place down by St. Peter, MN. His son and daughter in law use him as a trusty trail horse. He is great! This year was a busy one on their far...m so Buddy did not get ridden a whole lot but enjoyed lots of great pasture time. If we ever get warmer weather he should get out lots this year. Boogie is doing great as my wife's horse. I know your dad raised buddy so let him know he is being very well cared for. Jim

Hi Pete & Jill,

I went to the 2012 Houck Horse Company Auction looking for a new cow horse. Pete was very helpful in showing a few of the great horses that would suit my requirements. I ended up buying "Queen", and she turned out to be an amazing little mare. I used her to win the 2012 Thunder Bay Cow Sorting competition, and took her to Manitoba to compete in multiple ranch rodeos where she did excellent. Queen is smart, fast and quick to do anything i ask of her. Thank you so much Houck Horse Company!!

Kyle Sitch, Canada

"I just LOVE him!" Ashley Mosier & "Stitch

Words cannot express how much we have enjoyed "Montana", a 13 year old horse purchased from Pete and Jill during their spring sale in 2012.  I am afraid of horses but this one was described as having come off a dude ranch in Montana and my husband thought it would be a good horse for me to learn how to ride.  It has been great. 

For two months, I learned how to groom him, wash his tail and comb his mane. We are talking MAJOR NOVICE here!  By July I was able to ride him in an arena and by September I was riding him outside of the arena.  He has been used by others for lessons, trail riding, and clinics. 

Over Christmas my 4 year old granddaughter rode him when she was home for a visit. This horse is everything as described and has a home in our hearts forever.

During the 2012 spring sale, Jasper was bought for a 3 year old from North Dakota.  This pony has been a very special addition to the Welken family.  Reanna rode Jasper at Race for the Roses in the Pee Wee class on lead line.  Reanna can ride him bareback as well as with a saddle.  He has a great temperament and no bad habits.  He comes right away when he is called and gets along well with the other "big" horses in the pasture.  This little owner is very proud of her pony! Thank you Jill and Pete for a great pick!

Flora is super smart, quick to learn and very agile. This girl is one of the fastest, smartest learning horses I have ever worked with. Thanks, Houck Horse Company for my bright and loveable little girl,
Sarah Berry

I bought Hennessy at Houck’s annual sale last spring, and it was such an exciting experience for me.  I was geared up for the bidding, but found this one horse to be so dang irresistible, that I had to have a friend help me bid!  I wanted to bring him home with me that badly!  Excitingly enough, I won J Hennessy has been an amazing addition to my family, and has allowed me the room to grow as a rider and have that amazing connection with such a special animal.  He came home with me not knowing much more than the basics, and has turned out to be an extremely intelligent and sweet boy, and has all the potential in the world to do amazing things!  We were high loping the pattern by the end of the summer, and I'm looking forward to hauling him back to Houck's to run this summer!  

Pete and Jill were great that day, and the whole process was very easy, and very exciting. Thanks guys!! 
-          Amy Rastetter and Hennessy 

After losing our good horse Nickel we needed to start looking all over again for a trustworthy, solid, good broke gelding to replace him. After hearing about a horse that was coming to Pete & Jill Houck’s Spring Horse Sale, being offered by Bill VanLith from South Dakota, we thought we would just go look. After watching all types of people try him out, from novice people to top hands we decide he had the temperament, build, training and looks we were looking for. He was represented honestly & truthfully by Bill and for that we are gratefully! He is everything Bill told us he was!

We could not be happier with Ranger now after owning him for almost a year and hauling him all over the country. He has ridden all our local trails, Black Hills and climbed the Big Horn Mountains!  We appreciate him more and more every day and we have decided he is a keeper!

Hats off to Houck Horse Company & Bill VanLith for helping us find Ranger!

Ears up, smiles out & riding the dream
Luke's Wish! Diagnosed with AML Luekemia in June 2010, Luke spent over 7 months in the hospital battling AML with courage, strength and faith. A farm boy at heart with a passion for horses, all Luke wanted to do was get home and live the life he so treasures. And now he's home, in remission and inspiring everyone that meets him. So on Sunday, April 17th, Luke received his Western Wish - to own a roping horse. Gunsmoke, an 8 yr old Buckskin QH that ropes in it's sleep. Go get e'm Luke!   Luke is an amazing young man and the two of them rode off like they had done this a hundred times.

Hey Jill,

Thanks so much for Boomer. I know Ive only had him a couple of weeks, but he is already everything I could have asked for. He is so calm and  is picking up on things fast. I have even played around with the cattle and threw a rope off him today. Boomer is just simply amazing! (:

Thanks so much,

I purchased a wonderful donkey (Jennifer) from Pete and Jill Houck last year at their spring auction. She was just what I had been looking for and she was just what they said she was. Also check out their great barrel races they put on for us all summer long. Thank You Guys your Great!!!  Michelle Ellis

We purchased a horse named Elwood from you last year at the sale and have been very pleased.  He’s been an excellent trail horse for my husband. Pretty much bomb proof, just what we were looking for!

Thank you for finding all these nice horses and putting on the auction!

Krista Wurm

Jill & Pete -
I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much we are loving Hancock.  When I purchased him at your auction in April I was looking for a husband horse.  I truly appreciated the time that Pete spent that day showing me the horses he felt were a match for what I was looking for.  I brought Hancock home that afternoon thinking I was bringing home a trail horse for my husband.  Hancock is that and so much more - he truly is a horse of many talents.  He's great on the trail for my husband and other beginners but has enough 'go' to be fun for more advanced riders too.  A couple of months ago I was preparing to go to a 4-division ranch sort and decided that morning that Hancock would have to be my ride as my regular horse was having hoof issues.  He stepped right up to the challenge and we ended up winning the 2nd division!  His most recent job has been as the step-up horse for my daughter whose riding skills have exceeded the capabilities of her shetland pony.  She's been riding Hancock for two weeks now and has ridden him to two fun shows.  Yesterday she won the Reserve High Point award in the 7 & Under age group at a local show.  I just can't say enough great things about this horse - he's exceptionally versatile and has a wonderful loving personality to boot.
Thank you so much for taking the time to help us find this horse - he is an absolutely perfect fit for our family!
Libby Wickum

Dear Pete And Jill,

Merlin (formerly Flea) is a trooper in every way.  He's willing to do anything you ask of him and always has a great attitude.  He's filling out beautifully and is just getting prettier every day.  Of course, a lot of his beauty probably comes from his personality, too! At any rate, we just love him and can't wait to take him on lots of new adventures.  He's definitely a horse that inspires confidence in everyone who rides and handles him.  He's really special and I'm so happy I took a chance and bid on him at your auction! Kelly Kinser

Thanks to Pete and Jill,

I purchased  Jerk and Tye at the Houck Spring Auction.  He  is going to be one of my best horses ever.  Thank you.  God bless.

Cristel Tack

Hi Pete, Jill and Lana,
Just a quick update on TinyHorse or better known as Pea Tom Hancock. He has been a sweetheart to own, ride and just to be around. He is SO easy going. His manners on the ground and in the saddle are impeccable and he is so very well broke. I've been riding him at home everyday until Sunday when I decided to take him on the Fox Hollow  "Pre-trail ride" ride (to get trails ready for the BIG advertised ride). I wasn't sure what TinyHorse would do though I was sure he would do what I asked, this isn't a ride for the inexperienced. There are steep, steep hills and at least 6 water crossings, one of them was so deep, I was the only one with dry feet. Ha ha the tall horse = GOOD! I do get the laughs because TinyHorse is so tall at 16HH and I'm not too tall, (OK, I'm darn short) but TinyHorse was most definitnately the right horse for me. I'll probably be starting him trotting on patterns this summer, hopefully I'll make it up to a barrel race or two when we're ready.  This will sound like an advertisement but you guys know horses and how to match them up with the rider. Thanks again!!  Cindy Olson

Kalli Sheldon & Butterfly Kisses

2011 MBRA Peewee Top 10
2011 Houck Series Peewee Res. Champion
2011 Houck Series Houck Horse 4th Place
2010 MBRA Peewee Top 10
2010 Houck Summer Series Houck Horse Top 10
Purchased at the 2010 Auction

Ann Benner & Lucky

2009 WSCA Champ Show 10th place Jumping Fig 8

2010 WSCA Championship Show Qualifier

2009 & 2010 High Point Winner

Purchased at the 2009 Auction

Anna Harring & Moose

2010 MBRA Peewee Top5

2010 High Point Winner

2010 Houck Series Houck Horse Top 10

2010 Houck Series Peewee Top 10

2012 Auction Top Sellers

 High Seller $5,800 Starlet Goldseeker, Top 5 Averaged over $4,700, Top 10 averaged $4,100,
Top 20 averaged over $2,700 and the Top 30 averaged over $2,500!


2011 Auction Top Sellers

The results are in from the 4th Annual Houck Horse Company Spring Auction. The High Selling horse
Zan Janu Dollar sold for $8400, sold to Jan Callaway Dalton, GA.  The Top 5 horses went on to average
over $4,050, Top 10 over $3,100 and Top 20 over $2,100.  We sold 69 horses and only no saled 8
horses.  Horses got sold to Georgia, Montana, Wisconsin, South Dakota and Minnesota.  The Top Selling Pony Twister sold for $1300, sold to Chance Isbell Wolf Point, MT. The Top 4 Ponies averaged over $1,000!

2010 Auction Top Sellers

2009 Auction Top Sellers

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