Here at Houck Horse Company, We have all types of horses including; Trail Riding, Team Sorting/Penning, Barrel Racing, Roping, Good Family Horses, and  Prospects! We have 30 to 40 horses on hand and for sale all times! We Buy, Sell & Trade.

Just wanted to let you know that everything is going well with Joe.  He is a very nice horse.  I have ridden him several times and things are going good.  Took a lesson with Penny yesterday and it went well.  She told me that she feels that I made a good choice in him and that he has had some good training in his past and I look very relaxed on him.  I started teaching him ground work and he is picking that up quickly.  Joe does not want to dissapoint anyone.   Thanks again for him. 
Tanya Paulson

Dear Jill, Pete and Lana,

Maisy and Dolly are doing great! We just love them.

Maisy (Strawberry) being my first horse has had to teach me a lot and Dolly (Peppy) is so gentle and sweet.

We are having a lot of fun with them and can’t wait for spring.

The panels I bought from you are great too; I got to ride both of them before it got too cold.

I wanted to let you know that Scout is working out great, he is starting to settle in.  
Wendy Krueger
Hi Pete & Jill,
We love the new Horses.  The mare is perfect for Ashley she is so nice.  Alison and Sam are still two peas in a pod.  Puddles (the grey) is here to stay.  He is not the perfect horse for Mike, but he rode him a little and did fine.  Puddles likes to be in front and I like Mike in the back of the line on a lazy horse. something I have to get over.   Thanks for the great horses! 
Thanks again,
Tiffany Stiglich
Hi Pete & Jill,

I'm writing to let you know about the horse we purchased from you 2 years ago.  Rose has been wonderful with my 15 year old daughter. They took 2nd place in western pleasure and equitation at their first WSCA show. They also took 2nd place in western pleasure and 2nd place in a trail class with experienced adults at a ranch show. Sadie's trainer took 6th place in the trail class so we were pretty excited when she placed higher than her trainer in a class! Sadie and Rose are a great team and have started cutting cows and are working on reining. She's a great horse and we are very happy with her.

Thanks for setting us up with a great horse!
Tammy Nielsen

Hey Pete & Jill~

New horse (Harley) is doing well, been out on trails, very quiet horse does great with kids... great rides to come next year…

Cindy Marx

Thanks Pete & Jill!

Kalli is doing great on Peanut, so good that we made need to get a faster pony or horse! lol  She is starting to ride 2 handed again and is really getting her confidence back! If everything goes as planned, we should be at the rest of your jackpots for the Peewee class.

Thanks again, Hailey & Kalli Sheldon

Hi Pete and Jill

Just wanted to let you know that the Appaloosa horse I purchased from you is just what I was looking for.
He is working out great, I can put anyone on him and he does what ever is asked.
He is well broke and just an all around great horse and fits in well with all of the other horses that I have.

Thank you for all of your help!!!

Hi Jill,

Just dropping you a note to let you know that Gracie (Missouri Fox Trotter mare) is doing great!  I have taken her on several rides now with different obstacles and she hasn’t disappointed me yet.  I just wanted to say thanks and that we will be back to purchase another horse in the future.

Jen Blackstock

Hi Pete, I recently bought a morgan/quarter horse from you. No I don't want to give him back, he is quite the horse actually, way to much fun to work with. He is such a people horse, loves the barn,very curious, follows me wherever I go, the list goes on. If someone had to give him up what a loss for them. So thanks for the help it was a big step to buy a new one after having another for 25 yrs. Sue Voelker

Hi Jill and Pete,

Just wanted to let you know how much I love Billy "aka Buck".  He is a awesome horse and is so patient with me.  Billy is a wonderful horse and I am building my confidence with him.  I have been riding him in the outdoor arena by myself this week.  Once I rode him the first time by myself, I couldn't wait to do it again.  Was a little afraid to ride him at first but now I can't get enough of it.  My daughter and I have a few trail rides planned and can't wait to see how Billy will do.  Again thanks to you both for helping me pick the perfect horse for me.


Hi Jill,

Strawberry is now called Maisy and is doing great!  She is very patient and sweet. Thanks for all your help and having the perfect horse for us.

 Angela, Shane and Sadie Olson

Cushing, WI

Hi Pete, Jill and Lana,
Just a quick update on TinyHorse or better known as Pea Tom Hancock. He has been a sweetheart to own, ride and just to be around. He is SO easy going. His manners on the ground and in the saddle are impeccable and he is so very well broke. I've been riding him at home everyday until Sunday when I decided to take him on the Fox Hollow  "Pre-trail ride" ride (to get trails ready for the BIG advertised ride). I wasn't sure what TinyHorse would do though I was sure he would do what I asked, this isn't a ride for the inexperienced. There are steep, steep hills and at least 6 water crossings, one of them was so deep, I was the only one with dry feet. Ha ha the tall horse = GOOD! I do get the laughs because TinyHorse is so tall at 16HH and I'm not too tall, (OK, I'm darn short) but TinyHorse was most definitnately the right horse for me. I'll probably be starting him trotting on patterns this summer, hopefully I'll make it up to a barrel race or two when we're ready.  This will sound like an advertisement but you guys know horses and how to match them up with the rider. Thanks again!!

Cindy Olson & TinyHorse

I have to tell you – Tally and I got 1st in Barrels (and egg and spoon) last Saturday at Hi Circle Vee’s fun show, and we won a trophy for having high point in our class.  And we took 2nd the weekend before at the wsca show.  I have qualified for the 09 champ show with her in 2 events now, barrels and figure 8.  She is such a good girl, she’s helped a lot in getting my confidence level back up there, with each ride it gets better.   She definitely found a home where she is loved and appreciated 

Tammy Reimer 

I dont know what I would do without him! Thank you so much jasper has given me the confidence I need. He was the first horse that I could ride without being scared and nervous. I went through about 5 before I got my perfect boy. Thanks so much.

Laiken Jorgenson

Pete and Jill,

Thanks so much for showing me Ruby! She has been such a great horse for me!  Inthis past year learning how to game on her has been so much fun. Also, thank youfor teaching me how to barrel race. The lessons have really helped. I haveincluded a picture of us.

Thanks Again, Ann Benner & Ruby

Hi Pete~

As promised, here are some pictures of Rico and me.  I sent some of us in Missouri, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and North Dakota.  So, in the short time we have owned him, he has been around the block!! 

He is a great horse and without Rico, I probably wouldn't have gotten on another horse.  I have had 3 accidents in the last two years and was about ready to give up.  I know that he will never be the kind of horse that can get out there and run barrels or anything but at this stage in my life, neither am I!!  We are a perfect fit. 

Thanks Pete for giving me the opportunity to own such a gentleman.  He has a forever home at Outlaw Acres!! 


Thought I'd bring some updates on "Ray" which we now affectionately call him "Casino". He has been a superb gelding! We brought him to a clinic recently. It was the Horsemanship-Confidence & Working Cow Clinic conducted by Dennis Auslam. The clinic was a two day weekend down in Morton, MN.  He was a total blast. Not only did I learn many useful things there, but I also got to see what he was really made of. We threw tarps on that horse, had him walk through a puddle full of bottles, over the logs, across the bridge, and so on and forth. He did great! You could try to scare that horse much as you could, HIS FEET WILL NOT MOVE! I'm very pleased! Dennis Auslam, himself commented on what a nice horse he was! Also, even though we did not work on any trailer loading, he literally self loaded himself into the trailer when it was time to go home! He's so smart and so easy going. I really enjoy him! Casino truly is a fun trail horse and very dependable! I think in the spring of 2009, after my baby is born, I'm gonna introduce him to the games. Barrels mainly. I'm really excited about him. Not only would I be able to bring him to games, but I would be able to just simply kick back on the trails and not have to concern myself with keeping him sane and calm! As for Skip, my dad's new horse, he's doing fanastic as well! I'm happy that I met Casino when I wasn't even looking for horses for myself, but rather for my dad! Guess it was fate! *smiles* Thanks again guys for two fanastic horses!

-Kelly Gillette

Pete and Jill,

          We are having tons of fun with Beau and are so happy we bought him from you.  We love his calm, kind, and confident demeanor.  He is a great trail horse for me--he can lead or follow, he goes over bridges and through water, and he takes everything he sees in stride.  His confidence is definitely helping to improve mine and I'm really enjoying the rides!  Also, Lauren is having lots of fun riding him around the house and down our road and, of course, loves doing the barrels on him because of his "fast" lope.  All in all, he's very versatile and a great horse.  Thanks for making another good match for our family.

Kelly, Andy, Lauren, and Chloe Kinser

Hey Pete & Jill,

Thanks so much for showing me Tequila! She is the most amazing mare I have ever had.We clicked right after I first got her even though Pete tried to tell me she was for my neighbor Sherry and not for me. She runs like a dream, the best I could ever ask for.I love it when we do good at your barrel races it's the most amazing feeling ever. Also Tequila rocks at games, she is a quick learner. I got my first ever high point on her two weeks ago! She brought me to champ show last year for barrels of course. Over the year I've had her, she showed me that she has more speed to run faster at the barrel races where ever she brings me. I'm so looking forward to this year and all the years coming to barrel race. I love my Quarter/Arab Tequila.

Thanks a lot,
Bobbi Scheffler & Tequila


The 7 year old sorrel gelding we bought from you recently is doing GREAT!
I named him Chevy, and have been working on the WSCA patterns with him,
At our first show we were only a second off of the placing times in everything!
He is very patient, calm, and sane, but has all the energy and speed he needs when you need it.
He is everything I wanted and more, I can't thank Pete enough for showing him to me :)

Thanks a million!

-Nikki and Chevy

I absolutely LOVE Sugar, she's exactly what I was looking for!!

Thanks so much!!!!!!
Jenna King & Sugar!

Hey I just thopught I'd let you know Cisco is doing GREAT at my ranch. My trainer for cisco is Brittany Izzy, she is training me and cisco for barrels and so far we've done great!  You would be so happy for him cuz EVERYONE LOVES HIM! EVERY SINGLE PERSON HAS SAID THAT HE'S A NICE HORSE AND VERY CUTE AND SWEET AND VERY WELL TRAINED! I've never heard so many people compliment a horse in my lifetime of horse back riding!

Pete & Jill~
Cheri (Annie as we call her now) is doing wonderful! She is steadily gaining weight and losing that big belly of hers. She is such a sweet horse and is so much fun to ride! We all love her and are very thankful that we bought her. I've attached a picture of me riding her.  Thanks!

~Amy Rice

Hi Pete!

I wanted to send you a couple of photos of my daughter Hannah, who I bought “Breeze on Thru” for.  As you may recall, Jeni Willey arranged for the purchase on September 28th and we’ve kept him a secret until Monday the 22nd when it was Hannah’s 9th birthday. She was shocked and really couldn’t fathom receiving a horse for her birthday. She rode him Monday night and again tonight and she just loves him! Again, thank  you for finding just the right horse – I named him “J.R.” for “Just Right” because he is just that!

Take care and thanks again!

Lisa Meunier

Pete and Jill,

I can't thank you enough for showing me Chance!  He is the most amazing horse I have ever met! Soon after I got him we just clicked. Also, Jill thank you so much for teaching me how to barrel race. Chance and I are doing great and are looking forward to next season! He has brought me anywhere and everywhere I have ever wanted to go this year, and more. Once again thank you guys for this amazing horse!!!

Thanks a lot,

Sara Solheid and Chance

Dear Pete & Jill~
 I have been riding Angel everyday so far, and I am even riding her bareback. I thank God everyday for leading me to you guys. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have Angel. I am also glad that I got the BEST teacher in the world.
Yours Truly,
Cheyanne Ford

Howdy Houck's! I've been meaning to send a note on the 4 horses Dan and I have bought from you. First was Sophie, she was a great confidence builder, did all the games, trailrode like a dream, roped off, penned, sorted, Ranch Rodeos. Then after a year or so I needed something a little faster and quicker. Along came Ruby- she's awesome! I can do anything on her. I won my first buckle with her at Broken Bit Arena this summer. Now I've acquired Kansas and he's just a dream. He was suppose to be a backup horse for Ruby but, he's just so quick and willing that he's moved to my primary penning, sorting and ranch rodeo horse. What a great match all 3 of these horses have been for me. Dan's horse Jazz, has won 3 buckles, money, jacket series at HiCircleVee and lots of compliments. She's a quick, agile and fun horse to ride. I will try to send pics of all 4. I did attatch Ruby and I getting ready to rope.


Hey Pete and Jill, 

I just wanted to thank you for the awesome horse white gelding you sold me about 2 weeks ago! I named him Blaze and love him so much! He is doing wonderfully learning games and I couldn't have asked for a better horse. At our 2nd show we took him just for experience and we ended up getting 4th in poles and he did wonderfull in all the other events! So thanks again for the super horse!
Elise and Blaze

Hi Pete and Jill,

Here is a picture of Lauren and Abe at their first Fun Show.  I'm so happy that we found you to help us find us the perfect first horse for our family.  I would recommend you to ANYONE wanting to buy a horse, but especially to the inexperienced first-time horse buyer (such as myself).   You found us an awesome, quiet, well-trained horse that we can all enjoy and I can feel comfortable putting my 6 year old on and that, to me, is priceless.  Furthermore, you told me up front that finding this "perfect horse" in my budget could take a while, instead of just pushing me toward what you had in your paddocks on that day to make a quick sale.  But best of all you FOUND him for us and he's really better than we could have ever imagined!  Thank you for your honesty and for finding us Abe--he'll have a good life with us.


Kelly Kinser

Update on Black Jack~
I'd have written sooner but we have all been too busy riding!  I thought you'd like to hear news of Jack.  He's everything you said and more.  Our entire family is enjoying him.  I can put anyone on him including less experienced family members and he's always a gentleman.  In fact, my youngest daughter, a confident rider with a horse of her own, chose to ride Jack in our local parade over her regular riding horse.  He was as calm as could be among fire trucks, Shriners mini cars, screaming kids and brass bands.   My husband adores him and is riding much more often now that he's well mounted on smooth gaited TWH.  Together, we've covered a lot of trail miles this summer.  Jack is well broke but not a slo' poke as he loves gaiting alongside my TWH mare down the trail and he's even begun to learn some neck reining and under my daughter's guidance is remembering how to perform a nice collected rocking chair canter.  Who ever trained and rode Jack, did a great job.  He's willing, patient and compliant, great in the herd and a joy to have around the farm.  The farrier and vet love him too. 
Becky A. Scott
Hello Pete and Jill,
just wanted to email and let you know that I took Leo camping/riding this weekend. Our first ride since I purchased him.
We went up some long, steep grades and he went up them like I wasn't even on his back. I was very pleased on how he kept up with the taller horses. He proved to be very sure footed, stepping over logs and maneuvering the rocky terrain. After a short break, I decided I would lead to see how confident he was out front. The little bugger just kept trucking along and several times I had to check him so the others could catch up. He really walks out and it is smooth, not choppy at all for a short horse. On the trail was a big excavating digger that was parked to the side. He looked at it and walked right past. We were still in front. No side stepping or anything. We went further and came to a water crossing, he likes to play in it so obviously didn't have a problem going through it. HA The ultimate test was when I decided to head back to camp by myself and break off from the group. Not a problem for Leo.  He is a calm boy. Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the horse and would recommend  my friends if they should ever have the need for a new horse.
Thanks, Kris Patten
Hey Ms Jill & Mr. Pete

 Jag is loving South Mississippi! I will send pics soon. He just did a TV show yesterday and did an awesome job!! He did not spook at all and did a great job witth all the people and traffic around!!   I am so very happy with him thank you so much for helping me find him!! Everyone at the barn loves him very much!!

Thanks again so much!!

Hi Pete,

About 4-5 years ago I bought a palomino paint mare from you - you called
her Sheeba. I absolutely love that horse!  While I still own her (I call her Sweetie) - I am
looking for another horse just like her! I was hoping you could keep your eyes open for me and let me know if you
come across anything. My experience buying from you in the past was really great, you were
honest to a fault with me about the horses you had.  I wonder if you know
how much of a rarity you are in that respect! 
Jennifer Hansen
Hey Jill/Pete~
     Update on Rowdy.... We had our first jackpot a couple weeks ago and we did pretty good.  We made the short go (which I was pleased with), but didn't come home with any $ yet.  It was pretty exciting for me, since I had never made the short go with any of the other horses I was using.  He did everything I asked of him that day, "he's a real cow eater".  I think we'll make a great pair with more time & experience.  Thanks again for bringing us together!! I really do like him a lot and can't wait until the snow leaves and we can get more outside riding in.  Our sorting league starts in two weeks, so I'm hoping we do well there.  Planning to get a couple ranch rodeos in this summer and in June I'm taking him out to Medora for some relaxation riding. 
Kari LaValley
Pete & Jill~
Roman and I have been on several rides since nice weather and getting along
fine.  I've ordered a new polocrosse saddle for him and looking forward to
riding this season.  The Houck Horse Company vest came in handy during this cold snap.

Steve Good

Pete & Jill~
I love my horse Easy so much because he is a very loveable horse. When I ride Easy his lope is so smooth. I can't wait to ride him in the shows.
Thank you for finding me Easy!
Taylor Boettcher
Pete & Jill,
Thank You so much for letting  me meet Ted!! He is the best horse I've had!! I have been riding a lot more then I ever have. Also thank you for giving me those lessons they really helped meout a lot they made me feel WAY more confident!! Ted is doing really well, he has filled out really well. I have included some pictures of Ted and I.
Sincerly Yours,
Cora Krause

Pete & Jill~

I bought a horse from you last year, Simon he turned out great! I took Simon to a couple of horse shows and we got a couple ribbons and I will be doing the Benton County Fair with him. I'm looking for another one of your horses for sale and wanting to come out at purchasing another horse.

Brittany Ostrowski

Pete & Jill~
A special thanks for your recommendation on "Moose".
Ali loves him and is doing great!
(Picture taken at Washington Cty Horse Show)
Dominique Villauime


Sam has been riding Barbie and getting used to her.  We just love Barbie. 
She is a great horse and every thing we wanted. 

 Thank you very much.
 Mindy Scheurer 

Pete and Jill,
    Thank you so much for helping me find such a great horse, Splash!!!!!! I love riding her with all my buddies, we go on trail rides, cross creeks, go over bridges, and canter through fields!!!  She the best horse I have ever seen!!!!  I haven't even had her for a year and we are already learning pleasure AND games.  She is doing great and I can't wait to see how this show season goes.  I think Splash will do fantastic!!!  She truly is my best friend.  
Thank you so much,
Brayanna & Splash


Pete & Jill

Misty has been a great horse and she is my best friend.  You did a good job with her and this summer I'm going to do some English shows with her. Mostly hunt seat and some jumping. I know I'll have a lot of fun and so will she. Misty is a wonderful horse!

Ashley Love

Pete & Jill~
Thanks so much for Goggles! She is a GREAT horse!
Laura Scheil
Megan and Honey

Pete & Jill

Thank you so much for Ciarra aka Honey. She is a very talented horse that's going to be a top notch horse someday. Pete and Jill do a great job starting and putting training on horses. I am glad I went over to your house and rode her. Once we get together we are going to be a great team.

Thanks a Million,
Megan Swanberg & Ciarra

Hi Pete and Jill
I just wanted to thank you for the awesome 6 year old red roan you guys sold me she's absolutelly great! I love her. When we got her on the 2nd we took her to a show that weekend just for experience and such and we ended up getting first place in ring race so thank you very much for a great horse!
Red Roan

Uncle Pete & Auntie Jill~
Thank you for finding Me "Black Beauty."  We have competed at shows and barrel races, winning ribbons and money!!!!  I love "Black Beauty!"


Emma Domka
Pete & Jill~
Thanks so much for showing me "Scooter." He is such an AWESOME horse, and we're really excitied that he'll be joining our small herd.
Jennifer Gallagher
Ruth & Ella

Just a note about the little Tennesse Walker you sold to me last October.  Her new name is Ella.   She and I have become close buddies.  She is a great trail horse and so easy on my bad back.  Because of her, my riding career will be extended.  She can even do barrels and poles (at her lovely running walk).

Ruth Lundquist

Hey Jill & Pete
     I wanted to say thanks for finding Grace for me and finding Maxi a great home. Grace has made riding so much fun and she's such a sweetie. Grace has been learning fast in games and really fast in pleasure. I'm so excited to show and go to the county fair this summer. So thank you so much for Gracie. ~Briana Berthiaume~


Hi Jill & Pete,
I bought that great buckskin gelding from you last winter, De Nifty Cowboy, or more affectionately known as "Pi". We have been running a few jackpots and NBHA & WSCA barrels.  The attached picture is at the Barrel Bash at the I-90 Expo Center in early May. Pi is the brokest, quietest horse at 5 years old I have EVER ridden. Nothing seems to upset or phase him, he takes absolutely everything in stride. I get tons of compliments on his looks and great attitude. Pi really enjoys barrel racing and really knows the pattern well, we seem to be getting it together a little better every time I ride. As you know, I ride totally one handed and Pi doesn't care how I ride, we've connected there really well..

 Thanks for selling me this great gelding and see you at a barrel race,

Cindy Olson

Pete & Jill-Just a quick note to thank you SO much for our beautiful Bullet!  He has turned out to be the perfect horse for my daughter!!  We both love him so much.... Really can't thank you enough for your kindness, and expertise in matching up the right horse with the rider.  It was a wonderful experience all the way around.
Thanks again,Angie & Josie Vaidich

Hi Jill & Pete,  
Thank you so much for Buddy.  I have sure got to know him better and we are doing great. Buddy is my bestfriend and he really enjoys his treats.  We really had fun at your clinic we were both really tired afterwards.  I can't wait for the Little BritchesRodeo.  We did really good at both your barrel race's :)  Thank you both!!! and a special thanks to you Jill for helping me get to know Buddy. 
Love, Hannah Wagner


Pete & Jill,

Thanks for Seeker he was a great horse to start Barrel Racing on, I learned a lot for him and you. Seeker won us many great awards and ended up in the Top Ten in the Minnesota Barrel Racing Association.

Thanks for the new horse Maverick, so far we have placed at every barrel race we have gone to and hopefully  we can keep it up this year.              


Mary Nora



Pete & Jill

Thanks for my pony “Claudia” I love riding her. 

Thanks for helping me learn how to ride her too.


Cable Splittstoser

Pete and Jill, 

Hokey and Christina at some washington county shows. She will be going to horse camp this summer through 4H and we see you will be there.
She's been going to WSCA shows up in Hinkley this winter. She still needs more coaching though. We were hoping to make your May clinic. 
Sandy Thompson 
Hi Pete and Jill,     

This is Lynn Franey, my husband and I bought two horses from you in December. The Quarter horse, Susie, and the Missouri Fox Trotter which we call mystery. We love both these horses and having the nice weather have been out riding.  Mystery has such a sweet personality and rides very smooth. My friends that have come to ride, just love her too. Susie is always wonderful. And you were right when you said she'd train me. We will probably be looking for another in the future and I see you have some horses worth looking at as usual. When we decide on the next one, we will be getting in touch with you and Jill.  




Thank you Pete and Jill for finding
Dolly for me!  Thanks you for a great
2004 & 2005!  

Seher & "Dolly" 
2 Time Houck Horse Company Barrel
Racing Summer Series Peewee
2  Time MBRA PeeWee Res.
MBRA Rookie of the Year 2004!





Thanks for the Great Horses!

(picture taken in the Black Hills)

Dan & Lori Aho




Pete thanks for such a great horse, we have fun together.  

Ana & Pepsin Splash
at the Christmas Show!


Thank you Pete & Jill for a great
horse, we have fun competing
at horse shows.

Shawn on Zip at the Baldwin
WSCA Horse Show!




Anna wanted to tell you Thank You AGAIN!!! Anna and Teddy are getting along Great together!! 


The Rebel Riders

Hi Pete & Jill - We bought the grey horse from you. We call her Chick and she breakaway and calf ropes now. She a natural with it. They were tying down calves on her within a week. My daughter, Sam is who we bought her for to use in HS rodeo. She's now graduated and her brother is now using her for JR High rodeo and will use her in HS rodeo. I wish I could find another one just like her.

I was just on the website. Thanks!

Lori A. Norris
Dows, Iowa

Hi, Jill!  

I wanted to let you know how well Mariah did on Bart this summer in the Little Britches Rodeo, she won four buckles that were for 1st and 2nd place in barrels and poles. She also won a All Around Buckle on Bart.  This last Friday we went to the Junior High School Rodeo and she placed 1st in Barrels!

The two of them are connecting, we sure get alot of compliments on him. He's a KEEPER!

Talk to you later!



The horse, “Shelly” I got for my grandchildren is working out great! We just love her! Nothing seems to bother her. She has given the girls a great deal of confidence. I will definitely call you when I'm going to be looking for another horse.

Thanks for everything,
Marjorie Benson

Ed is such a great horse -- I think of you all the time and how lucky I was that you told me about him.  This is truly the most fun I've ever had riding horse and competing -- So -- Thank You!!

Sarah Becker

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